Pregame in Chapel Hill, NC.

Pregame in Chapel Hill, NC.

see you soon, or see you later:

07.19 chicago, IL, deagan music w/bill tucker  fb
07.20 bloomington, IN, house show w/morrow*  fb
07.21 columbus, OH, tree bar*
07.22 indianapolis, IN, mediumship w/teenage strange*
07.23 camping
07.24 knoxville, TN, the longbranch*
07.25 atlanta, GA, tba
07.26 camping, drinking our faces off in asheville, NC
07.27 chapel hill, NC, the cave w/shit that’s ironical*
07.28 richmond, VA, strange matter w/red states*  fb
07.29 arlington, VA, cd cellar w/big hush*
07.30 philadelphia, PA, silk city w/alta mira*
07.31 providence, RI, dusk w/bloodpheasant*
08.01 boston, MA, o’briens w/grass is green*
08.02 brooklyn, NY, big snow w/grass is green, butter the children*
08.03 pittsburgh, PA, howlers coyote cafe*
08.04 flint, MI, flint local*
08.05 grand rapids, MI, mulligans w/kite party, glocca morra*  fb

*w/empty orchestra

stream the "LEAVENING" LP at NOW!!

clearing off the ol’ work computer, found some oldies.this one courtesy of our buddy ryan p., who also provided artwork for “leavening,” and pretty much all other photo evidence of our existence. he does rad things. and pro things, too.

clearing off the ol’ work computer, found some oldies.
this one courtesy of our buddy ryan p., who also provided artwork for “leavening,” and pretty much all other photo evidence of our existence. he does rad things. and pro things, too.

"LEAVENING" preorder is up now at NO IDEA!

"Leavening" LP [08/07/12, No Idea Records]

via  solid pr:

Announce Details of Upcoming New Album “Leavening” Out August 7th on No Idea Records
New Song “Broderick” Streaming Exclusively at Absolutepunk!

Stream new song “Broderick” exclusively @ Absolutepunk!

Shores was never intended to be a “band.” It had been a sound/style that had been obsessed over since the band members’ high school days.

Formed by drummer John Massel and guitarist/vocalist Brian Przybylski somewhere in mid-2008, practicing in rogue basements around the Grand Rapids area and forming in the ashes of band members’ prior bands North Lincoln, Wormburner, The Hartford Whalers and more, Shores immediately embarked on their first album "Coup de Grace" tracked in just 16 hours over two days that fall. After a fairly inactive 2009, the band completed their critically acclaimed 2010 release "To Volstead," adding members Sean Stearns (guitars) and Billy Bartholomew (bass) to join the fold “for a few shows.” Bartholomew’s pop sensibility and love of all things “space rock” [Hum/Failure/Shiner/etc], and Stearns’ penchant for noise [Swans] and sad bastard balladry [Wooden Wand] were perfect complements, even almost missing pieces, to what Massel and Przybylski had already started, and led to an album described as reminiscent of slowcore champions Codeine, Red House Painters, Low, Slowdive, June of 44 and others.

"Volstead-era" Shores found the band exploring strange new loud places that they never knew before. "We made a lot of weekend treks through the Midwest and East Coast over that time, listened to a lot of Botch and Kyle Kinane, became better friends, learned how to be a band… and in an attempt to translate and make sense of that, and to tiptoe the waters of tracking as a 4-piece, we went back to Cold War Studios [Grand Rapids] with Rick Johnson in the spring of ‘11 and recorded what is now known as the ‘Neitherwise’ EP," explains Przybylski.

Immediately following the completion of “Neitherwise,” the band began work on their new "Leavening"LP in the fall of 2011. Having the song skeletons already written, over the course of a couple months, the band popped in and out of Cold War Studios, piecing the record together. Keeping true to Shores’ form, another record had been completed, with the members having never actually played the songs together before, only this time, it came from all four distinct places. The result is a perfect reflection of Shores’ spectrum of influences, exploring loudness, playing with effects and noise, and raising the bar the band had previously set for themselves.

“‘Leavening’ feels like a perfect summation/realization of what ‘Shores’ has come to mean to us,” says Przybylski, “but also a new playing field. It’s both a benchmark and a threshold to us.”

"Leavening" Track List:
1. Chardonnay
2. Broderick
3. Weak Trees
4. Hinges
5. Greater Than
6. Windswept
7. Escarole
8. Chagrin

Shores Discography:
Coup de Grace” LP/CD (October 31, 2010)
"To Volstead" LP/CD (October 28, 2011)
SHORES & CHARLES THE OSPREY “Ritual” LP (October 28, 2011)
"Little One / Something in the Way" 7" (covers of Twelve Hour Turn / Nirvana) (October 28, 2011)
SHORES / CREEPOID split 7” (March 20, 2012) 

Shores Live
7.20 Bloomington, IN tba
7.21 Columbus, OH Tree Bar
7.22 Indianapolis, IN tba
7.23 [help]
7.24 Knoxville, TN The Longbranch
7.25 [help]
7.26 [help]
7.27 Chapel Hill, NC The Cave
7.28 Richmond, VA Strange Matter
7.29 Washington, DC tba
7.30 Philadelphia, PA The Level Room
7.31 Providence, RI Squid Amps
8.01 Boston, MA O’briens
8.02 Brooklyn, NY Big Snow
8.03 Pittsburgh, PA Howlers
8.04 Flint, MI Local 432
8.05 Grand Rapids, MI Mulligans

For more information, visit:
Shores on Facebook

check out the track "broderick" from our new lp!

"leavening" will be out 08/07/12 on no idea, and we are proud as hell of it.

more soon!


helping our buds kick off their tour right, tonight at small’s!

helping our buds kick off their tour right, tonight at small’s!


we are still having trouble filling a couple of dates for the summer tour with empty orchestra. holler!

7.22 louisville / lexington ?
7.23 nashville ?
7.25 atlanta / athens ?
7.26 charolotte / asheville ?