in the past seven days, we have played two really fantastic shows with our old friends Pygmy Lush, and laid the foundations for 11 new songs at Cold War Studios.

more later.

two things:

08-02: Township, Chilcago, IL, GNARFEST w/Pygmy Lush
08-03: Louie’s Trophy House, Kalamazoo, MI w/Pygmy Lush

tickets available here.

tickets available here.

summer is meh, so we may as well play some shows. stay tuned if you’re interested.

Tony’s Cry Me A River Comp # 4, by Fest 12

we are officially less than a month away from another glorious FEST.
see you there!


hey! we are 5, and still growing.

we hope to be able to tell you more about the release of our fourth record, “precedents,” very soon [and maybe even the long-but-not-so-lost “neitherwise” 3-song session too].

in the meantime, we’ll be prepping for the tracking of our fifth lp, and getting ready for FEST!


07-11 Grand Rapids, MI, Mulligans Pub, w/North Atlantic Drift, Soundmeetsound

07-12 Champaign, IL, The Velvet Elvis, w/Withershins, Bear Claw, Cassius, Terminus Victor

07-13 Chicago, IL, Coach House, w/Speedy Ortiz, My Dad, Geronimo

07-14 Minneapolis, MN, Cause, w/Speedy Ortiz, Buildings, Deleter


as previously reported…

we have not yet planned the route to fest. we do encourage you to make suggestions for any places you’d like to see us. we’ve got a few, and we’ve got some time.

Anonymous said: Has shores. broken up?

this keeps coming up lately, for some reason? so let’s be clear:

while we are challenged by usual life things like geography, wives, jobs, finances, girlfriends, hangovers, other bands, naps, runny noses, bumming, etc., we are still on the same path we have always been on: making the music that we strongly feel we should be making, and doing whatever we can with it, whenever we can.

that said, here are our current plans:

-midwest tour-ish in july [details forthcoming]
-our fourth lp, “precedents,” which we recorded in 2012 [details soon]
-another “tour de fest” in october [live anywhere in the midwest/east/south and want us to play? let us know!]
-our fifth lp [there are lots of songs]

stuff! soon! thank you!